Ground Force

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The ability to generate Force is the cornerstone behind any explosive athlete and is often what separates those who are dominate and those who just play the game. 

Ground Force is a 18-Week Strength Program designed by California Strength, built using the same principals largely responsible for their ongoing success in repeatedly turning home grown prospects into Division 1 and Pro Players. Now you can follow the same program, track your results and sharpen iron with iron using Ground Force on TrainHeroic! 

The Breakdown (by cycle)

  • 2 weeks - Reactivation
  • 4 weeks - Jacked & Tan
  • 4 weeks - Dropping Anchor
  • 4 weeks - Transfer Your Training
  • 4 weeks - Training To Win

Access through the TrainHeroic Mobile App (android & ios)

  • Track your progress and climb the leaderboard
  • View demonstration videos and Points of Performance
  • Dynamic warm-ups and movement prep specific to each workout
  • Opportunities to test 1RM's and learn the Olympic lifts while squatting, pressing and pulling 

Following completion of this online program, you will be ready for a dominant and healthy season! 

Pricing (two options)

$99.00  / Individual Athletes (one-time purchase, access for one year from start date)

$150.00 / Coaches (one-time purchase, access for up to 100 athletes for one year from start date)

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