The Barbell WOD has helped many elite level athletes build their strength to the next level. Meet the team!

Noah Ohlsen

Broah Swoleson, one of the top CrossFitters in the world is currently training out of Peak 360 CrossFit in Miami, Florida.  Universally loved for his sharp haircut and ridiculously upbeat personality, Noah has been following our Barbell WOD since the programs inception in 2014.  Noah continues his hot streak in 2015 - 2016: winning the Dubai Fitness Championships, taking back to back wins at Wodapalooza, and winning the 2016 CF Open outright!  The progress in his overall strength, as well has his technical improvements in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk have been astounding to witness.

Follow Noah on instagram: @noah_ohlsen or @maximusohlsen

Wes Piatt

A fast rising star in the CrossFit world, Wes Piatt is the owner and head coach of Coast Range CrossFit located in Gilroy, California.  Wes not only uses the Barbell WOD programming for his own personal development, but he has successfully implemented the program on a larger scale by running a barbell class multiple times a week at Coast Range.                                          Follow Wes on instagram: @wespiatt2013


Cole Sagar

Cole has been competing in CrossFit since 2013.  A former Division 1 Football player and Hurdler at the University of Washington, he seems to have found his niche within the sport of CrossFit.  Cole finished 3rd at the 2015 CrossFit Games and serves as an ambassador to the efficacy of the Barbell WOD.  Follow Cole on instagram: @colesager35


Colleen Fotsch

Colleen, while a former Division 1 swimmer at the University of California, Berkeley helped to lead her team to a National Championship and an American Record in the process.  Following graduation, she has switched her focus to CrossFit and has been using the Barbell WOD as her program of choice since its inception.  A strength athlete of the highest caliber, Colleen was able to achieve the highest female score worldwide for the 15.1 CrossFit Games Regional workout. California Strength is proud to have Colleen as part of the Barbell WOD team and we are so excited for her future progress. Colleen also represents the San Francisco Fire in the NPGL league, who have had a stellar 2015 season!  Follow Colleen on instagram: @colleenfotsch

Ashley Beaver

Ashley has been following the Barbell WOD programming since its launch in 2014 and currently represents the San Francisco Fire alongside teammate Colleen Fotsch.  She is a huge proponent of the Paleo diet and you can follow her work as she continues to publish great content here at:  Follow Ashley on instagram: @livinpaleo




Rita Benavidez

Lover of dogs, a sweet person and an all-round badass, Rita has been a CalStrength soldier turned Barbell WOD follower. Rita is also a current member of the California Strenght Weightlifting Team in the 63kg weight class. Check out Rita on instagram @wittlespoon



Jackie Perez

Having developed a huge fan following, Jackie tells it like it is. She CrossFits but she also has fun, and has found that the Barbell WOD brings her results and structure within her sometimes-crazy lifestyle. Jackie has qualified for CrossFit regionals 6 years in a row, showing that consistency and structure pay dividends in the form of results. Follow Jackie on instagram @jackie585