California Strength Starter

Who is This Program For: Novice weightlifters wanting to grow within the sport of weightlifting and build solid technique and a basis of strength.

Frequency: 3 workouts a week that take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. Formatted in four (4) week training mesocycles. 

What to Expect:  Learn how to lift or refine your Olympic lifting technique in this 3 day per week program. An in-depth exercise demonstration video and points of performance is included for every exercise prescribed. Master the California Strength system from the ground up and expect incredible results!

Price: $10 per month or $100 per year

Who Writes This Program: David Spitz (owner of California Strength) CSCS, Senior USAW International Coach

Additional Features: Every Monday morning from 11am - 12pm PST, Head Coach Dave Spitz is live on the TrainHeroic Feed to answer your training questions and to critique your lifting videos.  During the week, the California Strength Coaching Staff is available for questions, exercise substitutions, video analysis and encouragement!

California Strength Starter is delivered by TrainHeroic, a best in class mobile application that delivers our programming, exercise demo videos and tracking right to your fingertips.  Through the TrainHeroic Feed, you will have direct access to the California Strength Coaching Staff and your now expanded online training community!

After subscribing to California Strength Starter, please download the free TrainHeroic mobile app!