Meet The Coach

Dave Spitz has been at the helm of California Strength's weightlifting team since its inception back in 2007.  Dave started with the singular mission of inspiring a weightlifting movement within the United States.  Having spent a great deal of time training in Bulgaria, he brought back Ivan Abadjiev and Alex Krychev in an attempt to implement the same system here in the United States with American weightlifters.  

Fast forward through the late 2000's; American weightlifting greats like Donny Shankle, Jon North, Caleb Ward, Jared Enderton, Spencer Moorman, and Scott Hisaka all trace back to the training halls of California Strength and have left their own mark on weightlifting history.

California Strength Men's Team

Wes Kitts (105kg)

170kg Snatch | 210kg Clean & Jerk | 380kg Total

2015 American Open Champion, 2016 Russian Grand Prix Bronze Medalist, 2016 National Champion.  Current member of the NPGL New York Rhinos.  Follow Wes on Instagram @weskitts22

Rob Blackwell (94kg)

160kg Snatch | 183kg Clean & Jerk | 339kg Total

Current member of the NPGL Los Angeles Reign. Follow Rob on Instagram @robblackwell

David McKellar (94kg)

Snatch | Clean & Jerk | Total

Follow David on Instagram @davidmckellar1

Stephen Ngo (69kg)

126kg Snatch | 145kg Clean & Jerk | 271kg Total

Follow Stephen on Instagram @ngoflexsteph

Jason Starks (105kg+)

161kg Snatch | 195kg Clean & Jerk | 356kg Total

Follow Jason on Instagram @jasonstarks1979

Nathan Loe (105kg)

150kg Snatch | 160kg Clean & Jerk | 297kg Total

Follow Nathan on Instagram @the_loedown

Dominic Stolle (77kg)

126kg Snatch | 155kg Clean & Jerk | 280kg Total

Follow Dom on Instagram @dstolle_77

Jake Pudenz (105kg+)

152kg Snatch | 188kg Clean & Jerk | 340kg Total

Follow Jake on Instagram @jake.pudenz

Ajay Goel (56kg)

84kg Snatch | 104kg Clean & Jerk | 108kg Total

Follow Ajay on Instagram @ajayakamilk

California Strength Women's Team

Nicole Lim (48kg)

67kg Snatch | 84kg Clean & Jerk | 150kg Total

Follow Nicole on Instagram @_nicole_lim

Jordan Weichers (63kg)

83kg Snatch | 112kg Clean & Jerk | 192kg Total

Follow Jordan on Instagram @jordanweichers

Rachael Bommicino (53kg) 

Snatch | Clean & Jerk | Total

Follow Rachael on Instagram @rachael_usaw

Rachael Stull

Snatch | Clean & Jerk | Total

Follow Rachel on Instagram @stullcandy

Jessica Philips (75kg)

Snatch | Clean & Jerk | Total

Jessica is a current member of the NPGL's Phoenix Rise and is a six times CrossFit Games Team Athlete. Follow Jessica on Instagram @jessnatch

California Strength Youth Team

Jaden Washington (85kg)

Snatch | Clean & Jerk | Total

2016 Youth National Champion.  Follow Jaden on Instagram @_j_wizzle

Julius Weisberg (85kg)

Snatch | Clean & Jerk | Total

Follow Julius on Instagram @juliusweisberg

Awards & Achievements


US National Championships
3rd Place Mens Team

US National Championships
1st Place - Spencer Moorman 105kg  

US National Championships
2nd place total, 2nd place snatch- Robert Blackwell 85kg 

US National Championships
3rd place total - Jason Starks 105+kg
Masters American record holder in snatch

Caffeine & Kilos Invitational
PWA C&J record: 80kg Nicole Lim 48kg class
PWA Total record: 140kg Nicole Lim 48kg class


US National Championships
3rd Place Mens team
3rd Place Womens team

Fall Classic
PWA Snatch Record: 61kg Nicole Lim 48kg class

WarriorZ Open
PWA Snatch Record: 140kg Robert Blackwell 85kg class
PWA Total Record: 303kg Robert Blackwell 85kg class

Rivertown Classic
PWA Clean & Jerk Record: 166kg Robert Blackwell 85kg class


American Open
3rd place Mens team

Catalyst Last Chance Qualifier
PWA Snatch Record: 162kg Jonathan North 94kg class
PWA Total Record: 373kg Donny Shankle 105kg class

PWA Championships
PWA C&J Record : 210kg Donny Shankle 105kg

Lift at California Strength

If you believe you can be a part of California Strength as a supported athlete please review our requirements and application process. There are varying levels of support offered to athletes, with benefits ranging from gratis coaching, allowance for travel expenses, education & stipends. We support our athletes in their professional pursuits to develop careers in the industry concurrently with their weightlifting training.