Starter Program

Who is this program for: Novice weightlifters wanting to grow within the sport of weightlifting and build solid technique and a basis of strength.
Frequency & Duration: Expect to commit to 3 workouts a week.
What to expect:  Learn how to lift or refine your Olympic lifting technique in this 3 day per week program. Master the California Strength system from the ground up and expect incredible results.
Price: $10 per month

Club Program

Who is this program for: Intermediate-advanced weightlifters looking to build on existing strength and technical application and to grow to their fullest potential in the sport. 
Frequency & Duration: Expect to commit to 5 workouts a week, 6 week cycles.
What to expect:   The program is designed to peak and taper according to the US National Competition Schedule. Each 6 week cycle is built to develop the best aspects of our lifters as well as address any common deficiencies in strength and technique. Take your lifting to the next level and train with the CalStrength team.
Price: $10 per month

Elite Program

Who is this program for: Advanced lifters who aspire or dare to train like the pros.
Frequency & Duration: Expect to commit wholeheartedly to 9 workouts a week. 
What to Expect: Train with the program and coaching staff that continues to produce our country's elite Olympic lifters. The California Strength Elite team is not for the faint of heart. 
Price: $10 per month