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For California Strength Club, use code: USA17CLUB

For California Strength Elite, use code: USA17ELITE

For California Strength Women's -63kg, use code: USA17WOMEN

For California Strength Women's +63kg, use code: USA17WP

For The Barbell WOD, use code: USA17BBW

For The Barbell WOD Plus, use code: USA17BBWPLUS

Programming for CrossFit Athletes

Noah Ohlsen | Colleen Fotsch | Rita Benavidez | Jackie Perez

3 WOD's / Week

5 WOD's / Week

Programming for Olympic Weightlifting 

Trusted by the California Strength Weightlifting Team to deliver peak performance.

Programming for High School and Collegiate Team Sports

Responsible for numerous Division 1 scholarships and the success of the California Strength NFL Combine Preparation Group over the last eight years.

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