Join the Fight Against Mediocrity

No matter your experience level, sport or your location; you too can join the Fight Against Mediocrity by joining one of California Strength's online programs through TrainHeroic. 

You deserve to be faster, stronger, and more resilient. Following our programming ensures that you are maximizing your results and acquiring the skill and strength that will benefit your sportOur programs are conceived in solid scientific principles and refined in-gym at California Strength. All memberships to our gym provide sport specific programming accessible through our mobile online platform, uniting in-gym athletes with our remote athletes through shared progress.

It doesn't matter where, it matters how. Regardless of where you train in the world, find your California Strength Program and join the movement!

Building Strength for Fitness Athletes

We treat competitive fitness athletes the same as traditional athletes in that commitment to a long-term plan is key to preventing plateaus and improving your scores.  There are no 'quick-fix' programs that will provide you with the gains you are looking for.  Both Barbell WOD Programs are built with particular Anchor Dates in mind to help peak your body when it matters most.  In combination with unique exercise combinations, you will be ready to handle any challenge that is thrown your way. Our strength program works alongside specific skill / gymnastic programs like Dusty Hyland's Skill WOD and leaves gas in the tank for any Metcon's that are added into your training week.

Whether you have just started in your garage gym, joined your local box or are a seasoned competitor; The Barbell WOD Programs will help you to reach your goals.  Let's get started!


Online Programs for Olympic Weightlifting

California Strength has built it's reputation over the years on the hardworking and committed athletes who have picked Olympic Weightlifting as their sport of focus. For Head Coach and Programmer Dave Spitz, promoting the growth and development of American Weightlifting has always been a top priority and to do so means to offer access to the best in research, knowledge and experience for those who are interested in pursuing the sport.  We have pulled back the iron curtain and have made those same training programs responsible for National Champions and International Team Members available to anyone who is willing to take on the challenge! 

Starter  |  Club  |  Elite  |  Women's -63kg  |  Women's +63kg

Whether you are picking up the barbell for the first time, preparing for your first weightlifting competition or have dreams of making an Olympic Team, California Strength has a program for you! 

Online Programs for Traditional Sports

California Strength has been working to develop general athletic performance programming for athletes in a wide range of sports since it's inception. Through our years of experience and education in the science of sports performance, we have been able to develop a range of programs that will suit every kind of athlete from every sporting background. We focus on developing the common skills that each sport shares while exploiting every genetic advantage an athlete may possess. 


Train with the programming that gets players drafted. This program is designed to complement on-field training to develop power and strength, technical advantages in agility and ball handling, and accessory work to strengthen against common injuries.

Track & Field

California Strength has a long tradition of developing some of California's top Throwers, Sprinters and Jumpers and now you too can follow their same training plan by joining the Ground Force Program on TrainHeroic.

Olympic Sports

No matter your sport, we have a training program for you!