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Everyone needs a coach; an experienced eye who is able to diagnose the problem and prescribe a solution in a clear and effective dialogue that works for you!  Well now you can receiving coaching from one of the top Olympic weightlifters in the United States, California Strength Soldier, Wes Kitts!

Wes comes from humble beginnings and takes a no bullsh*t approach to weightlifting.  Much of his early coaching was done for himself, watching video after video learning the style that worked best for him.  Fast forward to finishing his first year under Head Coach Dave Spitz where Wes has capped off an explosive year by winning his first USAW National Title in the 105kg weight class!  Wes holds current PR's of 172kg Snatch and 208kg Clean & Jerk and has utilized his down time between training sessions to carve out a coaching profession as a personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach.

With this service, Wes would like to give back and share his expertise with those who have fallen in love with the sport of weightlifting.  Thank you in advance for your support, we look forward to working with you!

All Video Review Purchases receive an access code that's good for 10% OFF of any California Strength Online Program!


Submit Your Videos

Immediately following your purchase, you will receive email instructions detailing the quick process of submitting your videos. For optimum results, please submit videos taken from a 3/4 angle facing yourself. Your video does not have to be filmed in slo-motion.


We'll Get To Work!

Within 48 hours, you will receive a detailed video analysis which includes the following: Analysis of your lifts, positional corrections AND a prescribed fix with specific mobility and accessory exercises to help you in making the required changes.


Let's Break It Down!

After receiving your video breakdown, the support doesn't stop there.  You can submit up to two emails to continue the discussion, clarify any points of the breakdown or to say how you crushed a PR the following session!

What's the cost?

Each video review 'bundle' consists of one Snatch video and one Clean & Jerk video.  Both will be reviewed in great detail for $75.00 (nonrefundable).  We accept all major credit cards.  

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