FAQ: Joining an Online Program

Answers to your most popular questions can be found here!

Q. How long is each cycle (Mesocycle)?

A. Length depends on the team that you have joined!

  • California Strength Starter - Four Week Cycles
  • California Strength Club - Six Week Cycles
  • California Strength Elite - Six Week Cycles
  • California Strength Women's Program - Four Week Cycles
  • Barbell WOD or Barbell WOD Plus - Four Week Cycles

Q. If I joined in the middle of a cycle, do I work back at the beginning or start with the rest of the team in the training calendar?

A. It's almost always best to treat the week that you join any of our programs as WEEK One, meaning that you will follow the prescribed % of 1RM for your work set numbers, then follow the linear weight progression in each week afterwards.  You will catch up with the team and benefit most from long-term adherence to the program that you chose!

Q. What is a work set?

A. Each program whether it be California Strength or Barbell WOD, are written using the same format that has been proven to bring consistent and impressive results to every athlete who has committed to adhering to the numbers as prescribed.  You will only see the prescribed work sets listed in TrainHeroic, there will not be warm up sets listed.  This means that you will need to complete warm up sets on your own, often to reach your prescribed "work set" number of the day.


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