Selecting A Program

You've watched the Youtube videos, followed the weight lifting team, and by now maybe even purchased your own barbell and bumper set but one problem remains in your way of joining the War Against Mediocrity... You still live too far away to train inside of the California Strength facility! Rest assured, we have created a solution!

By following any of our specific online training programs, you will gain access to all of the following through the TrainHeroic mobile application: Daily programming, an easy platform to track your numbers and your progress, exercise demonstration videos and access to a feature called The Feed where you are encouraged to upload training videos and ask questions of the California Strength coaching staff.

Now that you have the inspiration and the means, you need a PLAN. Luckily for you, the Godfather (aka. Dave Spitz) has ripped open the door in an effort to share the programming that has been a corner stone of athletic success for California Strength athletes. To make serious gains in strength and technique requires a relentless strength gains Making serious gains whether it be in fitness, Olympic weightlifting or any sport requires a serious amount of commitment. 


Olympic Weightlifting Programs

  • California Strength Starter Program - 3 Sessions / Week (60 Minute Workouts)
    • For athletes who are just picking up the barbell for the first time and want a systematic program for learning the technical progressions of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.
  • California Strength Club Program - 5 Sessions / Week (90 Minute Workouts)
    • For the intermediate - advanced Olympic weightlifter who wishes to step out on the competition platform some day!
  • California Strength Elite Program - 9 Sessions / Week (90 Minute Workouts)
    • For the advanced Olympic weightlifter, only those brave enough compete at a National level.
  • California Strength Womens Program (-63kg) or (+63kg) - 5 Sessions / Week (90 Minute Workouts)
    • For the intermediate - advanced female Olympic weightlifter, built to account for specific anatomical differences and provide a supportive training community in preparation for the competition platform.

Strength Programs for: CrossFit, Grid, Strength

  1. Want to be stronger, more explosive, and overall harder to kill?
  2. Want a strength program that is complimentary to your conditioning schedule?
  3. Want a strength program that will dramatically improve your Olympic lifting technique while making serious gains in your Squats, Presses and Pulls?
  • The Barbell WOD - 3 Workouts / Week (60 Minute Workouts)
    • For anyone with a basic understanding of the Olympic lifts, who is looking to make massive strength gains while still leaving gas in the tank for additional Metcon / Skill workouts.
  • The Barbell WOD Plus - 5 Workouts / Week (60 Minute Workouts)
    • Only for those who are committed  the committed who wants the Olympic and power lifting principles all of The Barbell WOD but with two additional training days a week.

High School / Collegiate Sport Program

  • Ground Force - 4 Workouts / Week 
    • The ability to generate Force is the cornerstone behind any successful explosive athlete. Ground Force combines the best of Olympic and powerlifting principles into a program that regularly produces Division 1 and Pro Players.