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  1. Weight vest

    MDUSA Elite Weight Vest 22lb (10kg) - OUT OF STOCK - ETA 08/01/14

    Price: $99.99

    These vests are used at California Strength by football players, track and field athletes, and other general fitness clients. Add more resistance to exercises like push ups, box jumps, and sprints.

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  2. clock gone bad

    Clock Gone Bad - (Out of Stock ETA 05/12)

    Price: $149.00

    Toss the stop watch and put up a timer that everyone in your box or garage gym can see at a glance! Now with FREE Shipping within the United States!

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  3. abmat

    AbMat - Abdominal Trainer

    Regular Price: $32.99

    Special Price: $29.99

    Strong abs go hand-in-hand with a strong back. The AbMat is a totally one-of-a-kind abdominal exerciser. Learn More

3 Item(s)

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