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Getting Braver Faster Stronger - The BFS Cycle Day 2

In the second workout of The BFS Cycle, the team continues to focus on increasing that courage and speed with the top portion of the lifts. With some heavy snatching off the blocks (singles and then doubles), the pull is shortened and forces them to get under the bar faster. They follow the snatches up with some light clean & jerks, triples in the back squat, and some ab work. Highlights: Rob Blackwell continues to snatch and clean from the hang due to a bruised pelvic bone, but is...
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-14 # greg@bfsmail.com 2013-02-26 11:28
Wow! Bigger Faster Stronger has used the initials BFS since 1980. Our Set-Rep Log book has had BFS cycles for decades. California Strength is in serious trademark violation both on the name BFS and Braver Faster Stronger.

Dr. Greg Shepard: founder-Bigger Faster Stronger & BFS

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