[QUIZ] How To Select Your New Competition Weight Class

Last week the International Weightlifting Federation announced the highly anticipated change to the male and female weight classes and for Olympic weightlifters around the world, the decision to go up a weight class or down has been left in question. It is important to consider factors like body type and strength to technique ratios all while keeping in perspective where you will have the greatest opportunities for success on the competition platform.

With the American Open 3 competition fast approaching and expected to have one of the highest participation rates ever, it's time to prepare for your new weight class. Take the quiz to receive your personalized and detailed Weight Class recommendation from USAW Senior International Coach Dave Spitz!


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Dave Spitz is the owner of California Strength and has over 15 years of programming experience coaching multiple National Champions and International Medalists in Olympic Weightlifting, top CrossFit Games Athletes and runs a NFL Scouting Combine Prep Class that has produced over 20 NFL Draft Picks including Superbowl Tight Ends Zach Ertz and Austin Hooper.