Weightlifting House Podcast With Katrine Bruhn

Katrin Bruhn | photograph by onekilo

Katrin Bruhn | photograph by onekilo

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Danish World Team Member and California Strength Remote Athlete Katrine Bruhn had another successful trip to California, leaving with two lifetime PR’s!

Feeding off the energy of Max Out Friday, she Snatched 82kg (181lbs) and Clean & Jerked 103kg (227lbs)!

Watch her compete at the 2019 IWF World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand on Thursday, September 19th at 10:30pm PST!


The guys at Weightlifting House sat down with Katrine in between training sessions to discuss her journey to becoming an elite Olympic weightlifter and how she found California Strength.

“Katrine Bruhn is one of Denmarks top weightlifters. After starting in the sport in 2014 she incredibly made it to the 2017 World Championships and will be competing for the third time in just two weeks. Katrine sought help from Dave Spitz, head coach of California Strength, after the 2018 World Championships.

Now a true Cal Strength soldier, or should I say Cal Strength viking, Katrine travels between her home in Denmark and her new home in San Jose, learning how to live the life of a professional athlete and truly believe in her endless abilities in this sport.” - Weightlifting House Podcast