California Strength Women’s Program FAQ

Q. I want to join the California Strength Women’s program but this is also my first time Olympic weightlifting ever, should I still join?

We highly recommend completing the California Strength Starter Program for a minimum of 12 weeks, here you will learn the technique and movement required for a more advanced program having built a solid foundation first.  Following completion of 12 weeks, you will be ready to join the California Strength Women's Program!

Q. What is the main difference between California Strength Club and the California Strength Women's Programs?

Here are the main considerations used in constructing the CS Women's Programs.  These programs will continue to evolve as we receive more data points with thanks to all of you who are participating in logging your workouts. 


Q. What differences exist between programming women's strength by relative body size? And when compared to programming for men's strength?   


Where do I go to sign up?

Please click CS Women's +63kg or CS Women's -63kg to sign up!

Q. What is a Mesocycle?

The California Strength Women’s program is built using two major USA Weightlifting competitions as anchor dates, the USA National Weightlifting Meet and The American Open.  While the program is built to fit a calendar year, it is further separated into 12 Mesocycles (months) each of which are 4 weeks in length.  Each Mesocycle is designed to prioritize certain aspects of the strength program at particular times of the year.

Q. What does LWP stand for?

LWP refers to Linear Weight Progression, a system that we use in combination with starting percentage of 1RM's to determine how heavy you should go in a particular lift and how to make consistent increases across each Mesocycle.

The TrainHeroic Mobile App is built in a way that it will use your previous weeks numbers (if you record them after your workouts) and will automatically generate the next week’s numbers.  Example. +5.5 refers to ADD 5.5 lbs or 2.5kg to the previous weeks number, if you are in the higher weight range then you will need to calculate your increases manually.

Q.  If I am currently signed up for another California Strength program on TrainHeroic, how do I switch to the California Strength Women’s Program?

Once inside your TrainHeroic account (access from desktop or laptop), open the drop down menu and select the GEAR icon to access your billing and subscription information.  Here you can edit which teams you are currently a member for.  If you are having continued trouble, please email

Q. What if I have more specific questions or am totally confused?

Please feel free to jump on the Feed and ask any questions where the California Strength Coaching Staff is always available to help provide answers!  You can also email with any specific or private questions.