This month’s Barbell WOD Chapter Highlight is CrossFit Belerion located in Cornwall, United Kingdom. We spoke with James Jeffery who is the owner and head coach! Follow James & CrossFit Belerion on Instagram @crossfit_belerion and if you are looking for a place to train Barbell WOD, visit them at:


Having grown up in the farm town of Cornwall, James was first introduced to fitness through childhood sports as many of us so often are.  His introduction to CrossFit however came by way of a friend from London who convinced him to tackle Elizabeth (21-15-9 Cleans and Ring Dips) at a local gym.  He cancelled his membership the following week, bought a few bumper plates and a barbell, and began to train out of his tractor shed.  Fast-forward 12 months, James had since completed his Level 1 and had put together a group of 35 “mates” who were set on chasing PR’s out of the 700 sq. ft. barn.  The need for a bigger space was inevitable so they moved into a new 2,600 sq. ft. facility and although the days at the barn are behind him, he continues to build his community with a no-excuse approach to training.

James has found working in the fitness industry to be extremely rewarding and has worked hard to provide a community environment within the walls of CrossFit Belerion and continues to drive this through his recent involvement with the Barbell WOD, becoming a Chapter earlier this year.

 Q. James, why did you decide to become an official Barbell WOD Chapter?

I really liked the layout of the programming, it can fit in with other stuff that we do and it doesn’t contain a huge amount of volume.  Tried it myself with a few friends and all began to hit PB’s and see great improvements in our lifts so I wanted to make it available for all of my members.

Q. What has been the most valuable part of being a Barbell WOD Chapter?

Having top class, proven programming in hand.  Communication from you guys has been brilliant and the technique videos that go alongside the programming are brilliant.  Also, we get to feel like we are apart of your community!

We'd like to thank James for being an awesome member of our Chapter Program. If you'd like to learn more about our Barbell WOD Chapter program and how to get your gym involved, please email, and we'll tell you all about it!