This month’s Chapter Highlight is CrossFit Naptown, and we talked to owner Jared Byczko. Naptown officially became a Chapter in August of 2015, and uses both the Barbell WOD and California Strength Club programming!


CrossFit Naptown is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Follow Jared & the Naptown team on instagram @crossfit_naptown and visit their website:

A lengthly background in fitness is no surprise to see with most CrossFit owners and Jared is no exception.  Playing nearly every sport throughout his childhood, Jared finally landed on soccer as his primary focus where he went on to play Division 1 soccer at IUPUI in downtown Indianapolis and has continued to stay involved in fitness ever since.  

Jared was first Introduced to CrossFit in 2007 as a collegiate athlete when his team was asked to complete the "300 Workout", however it wasn't until a year later after designing a personal workout plan to accomplish his long-time goal of completing Fran at the RX weight that he fell head over heals with CrossFit.  His current business partner, Peter Brasovan added more fuel to the fire and together they opened CrossFit Naptown which has since grown into 3 locations under the NapTown brand.  

As the sport of CrossFit grew to involve more Olympic weightlifting, Jared created the NapTown Barbell Club to further their expertise and cement the gyms commitment to the Olympic lifts.  CrossFit Naptown continues to do what is necessary to push the limits and help their members to crush PR's, and California Strength is proud to be along for the ride. 

Q. Why did you decide to become an official Barbell WOD Chapter?

The decision came down to, 'Why reinvent the wheel?'.  We could have spent countless hours on trying to perfect a barbell specific program for our members or we could use that time to work on the overall business.  

At the end of the day, we chose The Barbell WOD because it was a proven system provided by California Strength.  Also, the ease of use with TrainHeroic allowing our members to track their lifts week after week made the decision a no-brainer.

Q. What has been the most valuable part of being a Barbell WOD Chapter?

The consistency of the program has been very valuable to our members.  Having 4-week Mesocycles gives our athletes enough time to see improvement and build confidence in their Olympic lifts.  Add in the demo videos alongside the Points of Performance that are available for our members to reference, has made this program extremely effective for our members and coaches alike.

We'd like to thank Jared and CrossFit Naptown for being an awesome member of our Chapter Program. If you'd like to learn more about our Barbell WOD Chapter program, please email info@thebarbellwod, and we'll tell you all about it!