This month’s Chapter highlight is CrossFit IronBorn, owned by Jon Farwell. CF IronBorn has been open for a year, and has been a part of the Barbell WOD Chapter program since opening.

CrossFit IronBorn is located in Concord, New Hampshire. Follow Jon on instagram @jonfarwell and visit their website:

Jon served in Afghanistan from May 2006 to October 2009, having received a Purple Heart and came back home for rehabilitation.  It was during his rehabilitation while living in Texas that he was first introduced to CrossFit, completely by chance as one of his close friends suggested they go try a WOD get back in shape.  Following a series of challenging workouts, but inspired to achieve the physique of a Spartan from the movie 300, which still hasn’t happened yet, Jon was hooked.


While his original intent with CrossFit was to lose weight and achieve the fitness he once had, it was the Olympic weightlifting component that paid dividends in helping him regain strength and mobility in his arm and shoulder which had taken the brunt of his military service.  Following successful rehabilitation, and after moving to New Hampshire.. Jon committed to building a CrossFit community of his own and opened CrossFit IronBorn in October, 2014.

Q. Why did you decide to become an official Barbell WOD Chapter?

Jon was inspired by the early California Strength Youtube videos where after watching Donny Shankle and Jon North put up massive numbers week after week, he wanted to get involved in anyway that he could.  He noticed over the years that California Strength was becoming more “open” with the creation of the Barbell WOW, he signed up for an individual membership which shortly led to joining CrossFit IronBorn as an official Barbell WOD Chapter and hasn’t looked back since.  His only complaint today is that the Barbell WOD continues to produce challenging workouts (hint of sad but true sarcasm).  

Q. What has been the most valuable part of being a Barbell WOD Chapter?

According to Jon, if you want to better yourself as a coach, you need to surround yourself with a team that can enhance your knowledge and that is exactly what the Barbell WOD and California Strength have done.  They have allowed access into what has traditionally been a low-access sport (Olympic weightlifting) for so long, and that access to knowledge has meant everything for myself and my gym.  Not only are the workouts easily accessible but the California Strength Staff have been there for me to offer support in ways that I didn’t believe would happen in this industry of online programming.

We'd like to thank Jon and CrossFit IronBorn for being an awesome member of our Chapter Program. If you'd like to learn more about our Barbell WOD Chapter program, please email info@thebarbellwod, and we'll tell you all about it!