Since our inception, California Strength has worked with some of the Bay Area’s top high school football players.  As time passed, some of these players went on to flourish at the collegiate level. Many of these players have received NFL Combine Invites or wanted to participate in their respective University Pro Day Events. These players requested that California Strength handle their preparation and as a result, our NFL Combine Preparation program was born. Today, the California Strength Combine Prep program is recognized as one of the best boutique programs in the country, having produced an impressive ratio of athletes being drafted or recruited into professional teams.

Our NFL Combine program has borne an alumnus of athletes who have gone on to play on some of the most prestigious teams in the NFL.  We take a holistic & personal approach to preparing our athletes to perform at the highest level for their Combine & Pro Days. As well as developing their on-field skills and strength performance benchmark numbers, we provide our athletes with a personally tailored & catered nutrition program, public relations coaching & general mentorship.

We also offer a personal and prestigious program for our returning NFL athletes wishing to train through their off season.

For NFL combine training camp & NFL off-season training enquiries please fill out the application form below.

NFL Combine Prep Internship

California Strength

Apply today for our NFL Combine Prep Internship Program by completing the form below. Applicants are selected in October prior to the start of the NFL Combine Prep Season (January - March).