Our Mission

They say if you can accomplish your life's work in one lifetime, that you aren't thinking big enough. My primary mission and reason for starting California Strength has been to aid in returning the United States to dominance on the world stage in the sport of Olympic weightlifting.

To do so, athletes must be provided an opportunity to remain in our sport long enough to reach the highest levels of competition. We are proud to provide support to our weightlifting team members in the form of training stipends in order to assist with the costs of training that include: housing, food, supplementation, medical insurance and travel to national and international competition.  

With your help, we can continue this fight and return the US to it's rightful place on the medal stand. Whether you choose to support us by wearing CS apparel, train alongside the team as a member of one of our online programs, or wish to make a direct donation to our team travel and stipend fund; YOUR SUPPORT IN ANY CAPACITY IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!


Thank You To Those Who Have Donated!

Ashanti Taltoan (Ohio, United States)