California Strength Athletic Development Program

Open to both Middle School (11 years and older) & High School Athletes

Athletes will embark on a structured program designed to prepare them for the rigors of high school sports. Before stepping out onto the field, court or track; your athlete should first know how proper bracing, sprinting and lifting mechanics along with having a strength base in every attempt to prevent injury. A strong grounding in broad athletic principles early in an athletes career can make a tangible difference to their performance as they grow into their chosen sports.

Our youth program focuses on recognizing potential, developing skills, and building mental fortitude in our young athletes. All programs are physiologically appropriate for creating meaningful adaptations in the body based upon the biological age of the athlete. This program has a proven track record: a great number of our trainees have gone on to achieve success in both the collegiate & professional sports levels.

California Strength has been developing athletic performance programs in a wide range of sports since it's inception and has a proud tradition of developing high school athletes into NCAA Division 1 College Prospects. Through our years of experience and education in the science of sports performance, we have been able to develop a range of programs that will suit every kind of athlete. We focus on developing the common skills that each sport shares while exploiting every genetic advantage an athlete may possess.

We specialize in developing strength, speed and power for all sports including but not limited to: Football, Track & Field, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Water Polo and Combat Sports.

  • Our programs are designed to provide athletes with four (4) 60 - 90 minute workouts each week. While it is most beneficial to complete all four workouts each week, it is not required.

  • Group Training runs from 3:30pm - 6:30pm, every day of the week: Monday - Friday

  • Each class includes a Dynamic Warm Up, Glute Activation Routine and Coached Instruction to learn proper weightlifting technique and build a base of strength.

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Olympic Weightlifting 'Open Gym' Membership

Are you looking to improve your Olympic weightlifting technique and gain strength at the same time? Dream of finally being able to drop weights? No matter what your experience level, beginner to advanced, you can call California Strength home.  

Both membership options below provide unlimited access during regularly scheduled gym hours.  New memberships will begin with three introductory Personal Coaching Sessions with one of our elite trainers.  All members will be setup with one of California Strength's Online Programs on TrainHeroic, provided at a 50% discounted member rate. 

No limitations on lifting during Open Gym Hours (Monday - Friday, 9am - 7pm and Saturday, 9am - 12pm).

Monthly Membership Option 1: $90 / Month (one year commitment or a current USA Weightlifting Member)

Monthly Membership Option 2: $150 / Month (month-to-month, no commitment)

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In-Gym Membership Pricing

Drop in: $15 / Day (online members train free once a week)

CS Athlete Development Program: $100 / Month

Open-Gym Weightlifting Membership: $90 / Month (for current USAW Members)

Open-Gym Weightlifting Membership: $150 / Month (month-to-month or non-USAW Members)

Personal Coaching Session: $85 / Session

Gym Hours

Monday - Friday | 9am - 7pm and Saturday | 10am - 12pm

We are open most Holidays!