This Month's Barbell WOD Chapter Highlight: 

Stone Wall Barbell Club located in Larose, Louisiana.

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Gavin grew up in Grand Isle, Louisiana and served with the US Army beginning in 2003 with a deployment in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. His military background has helped to develop a love for fitness and shortly after his final deployment, Gavin was first introduced to Olympic weightlifting through as many so often are, a local CrossFit.  After training with River Parish CrossFit for some time, he decided to pursue his CF-L1 Certification and partnered with some friends to open what is today Stone Wall CrossFit.  Gavin remains driven to not only solve some of his own aches and pains using fitness, but expresses that same passion onto anyone who comes into the gym.

According to Gavin, the best part about being a coach and owning a gym is seeing the clients before and after pictures.  Whether it's having a parent come back and tell you how they can now keep up with their kids, hearing positive results from our athletes, or working with clients who struggle with high blood pressure and to have their doctors telling them to keep on doing what they are doing; it is clear that the work done at Stone Wall Barbell Club is focused on serving the greater good.  

"When coaching the Olympic lifts, and watching an athlete land that first Snatch and seeing the fire light in their eyes, makes it all worthwhile!"  

Q. Why did you decide to become an official Barbell WOD Chapter?

“One of my coaches, Luke Guidry turned me onto it and so I started doing the Barbell WOD training on my own.  I was seeing progress, but was not as consistent with the training as I should have been so I started recruiting a few members that were interested in weightlifting to join me and this kept us accountable to each other.

From there I got a call from Scott telling me about how we could become a Barbell WOD Chapter. One phone call and we were all about it.  Now our banner is up on the wall and three times a week we attack the weights like there is no tomorrow!”

Q. What has been the most valuable part of being a Barbell WOD Chapter?

“The programming and support, the program has produced strength and technique improvements across the board here at Stone Wall Barbell Club.  As well, anytime we need advice or feedback it’s just one email or phone call away and boom… The Barbell WOD team is all over it!   Not to mention the countless pointers one can receive through the Barbell WOD Feed.”

We'd like to thank Gavin for being an awesome member of the Barbell WOD Chapter Program. If you'd like to learn more and how to get your gym involved, please email