Your Daily Workouts Include:

  • Dynamic Warm Ups designed to target the Olympic variation prescribed that day.
  • Movement Prep built to take you through 5 minutes of critical Glute activation.
  • Olympic Variations, Squatting, Pressing and Pulling using a periodization strategy unique to all California Strength programs.
  • Accessory Complexes to target specific muscle groups critical to producing the stability necessary to layer on big time strength.
  • Customized Cooldown routine that will assist in your recovery between training sessions.

Jacked & Tanner follows the same 6-week Olympic weightlifting training cycle but prescribes 9 sessions / week instead of 5. That means 3 double day's for double the gains!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is each workout?

A. Approximately 60-90 minutes per training session.

Q. What equipment is required?

A. We keep it simple, you will need; a Barbell and Bumper Plates, a set of dumbbells or kettle bells, a pull up station and a 24 inch box (for Plyometric movements).

Q. How long should I take to rest in between sets?

A. 1 minute 30 seconds - 2 minutes.

Q. Are there demonstration videos included?

A. Yes, and points of performance for every exercise.

Q. Is there an opportunity for coaching during the cycle?

A. Yes, download the free TrainHeroic mobile app and use the Feed feature where you can upload training videos and communicate with our coaching staff.

Q. I would consider myself to be a 'beginner' to the Olympic Lifts, is this program still for me?

A. No, please begin instead with the California Strength Starter program.

Q. How is this program different from team subscriptions like California Strength Club, Elite and Women's?

A. This program is a one-time purchase only, not a monthly subscription. For ongoing, monthly programs click HERE.

Q. I complete CrossFit workouts on a regular basis and are looking to improve my Olympic lifts, is this program for me?

A. No, you will want to join the Barbell WOD program instead.

Q. I have more questions, where can I have those answered?

A. Please email us at