Supported Weightlifting Athlete Application

If you are interested in submitting your application to train with California Strength please submit the required information in the form below.

This form can also be used if you are interested in listing California Strength as your team at local weightlifting competitions.  In order to do so, you must have followed a minimum of three (3) months of California Strength Club, Elite, Women's or Masters Programming on TrainHeroic and submit the form below for consideration.

We will contact you after reviewing your application fully.

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Olympic lifting experience only.
Date of competition PR
Date of competition PR
Outline your experience in previous sports, including any relevant performance numbers and times.
Brief description of highest level of education attained or current field of study & school.
Details of any prior injuries and relevant recovery details.
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Please provide a link to a technique video of you performing a 85% or above snatch and clean & jerk. Please ensure a 3/4 angle and capture entire bar path and lift. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video.