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 The personal trainers at California Strength represent some of the best talent in the business; serving the city of San Ramon and nearby Danvile, Walnut Creek, Blackhawk, and Alamo areas. Our programs integrate the most effective techniques in the fitness industry. We build lean, strong, athletic physiques in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Personal training is the fastest and safest way to obtain your fitness goals; whether they be weight loss, building muscle, or working on a sport related goal. California Strength personal trainers will help you:

  • Get and stay motivated
  • Create a specialized personal fitness program to get results...FAST
  • Learn from experts in the field
  • Our unique facility will keep you enthusiastic about your workouts while our trainers keep it efficient, effective, and safe. You will learn all of these techniques and how to bring them all together for a total body and mind learning experience.

donny_shankle_personal_trainerA leader in health and fitness Donny Shankle is a three time national champion and world team member in the sport of weightlifting. He is the only weightlifter in the United States to defeat in competition a defending world champion in over 30 years. At the 2007 annual Arnold classic Donny was named the country’s most inspirational weightlifter. He is the only American weightlifter to have trained both as a resident athlete at this country’s regional Olympic training complex and under the tutelage of the world’s greatest weightlifting coach and teacher Ivan Abadjiev. Donny is a marine corps veteran of the Iraq war and resides in San Ramon, CA. He is currently in pursuit of the London Olympics and is a full time personal trainer with more than eight years experience certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Ernie HernandezErnie Hernandez MS, CSCS, PES, HLC, PICP
Ernie has worked with clients of all ages and abilities over the past 4 years. As a personal trainer in the San Ramon, Danville, and Alamo area his philosophy on health is to prevent disease instead of treating symptoms, and his broad range of skills and experience allow him to assist clients with every aspect of their life in order to optimize their results. Ernie can work with everyone from young athletes who are looking to improve athletic performance, to elderly people who are interested in a more holistic approach. He draws on his experience as a lifelong athlete, and the knowledge he has gained as a never-ending student of health to help people achieve their ultimate health goals.


2010 Pan Am Team Member and Olympic hopeful Jon North is a professional athlete who competes in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. Jon personal trains clients and other athletes in San Ramon and the surrounding area at California Strength. Jon's unique attitude inspires and motivates other athletes from all sports from weightlifting, to crossfit, football, and even weight loss. Currently Jon is the number 1 ranked lifter in his 94kg weight class in the USA. Having only been competing in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting since 2008, he is rapidly growing in strength and success.

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