California Strength Soldier - Jordan Weichers (63kg)

By Nicole 'Littlest' Lim

California Strength has always had an open door policy when it comes to welcoming athletes; whether it be a brand new lifter, a drop-in from out of town, a high school athlete, an off-season professional sports player, or a national level weightlifter looking to be a part of a competitive team.  Some people walk through the gym doors and have a great lifting experience, while others leave with a magnetic longing to remain a part of what California Strength stands for.  That’s how we grow our family.  

One thing that I truly love about our team and continue to hold in high value is that all of our team members were integrated into the California Strength family through prior relationships... All have been introduced through loyal team members. All remain humble yet eager to prove themselves.  Here is the story of Jordan Weichers, a future star who's quiet and relentless determination will help to carve her name into the California Strength and USA Weightlifting history books in the years to come. 

Photograph by Skip Photography - @s.kip (instagram)

Photograph by Skip Photography - @s.kip (instagram)

After moving from Iowa to Texas, she found our old ogre Jason Starks.  Jason recommended that they make a visit to California Strength where she immediately made an impression on Coach Dave Spitz and the team.  This girl had it all; strength, technique, stunning looks, and an infectious personality.  The only con is her drink of choice, Malibu Rum... Who actually goes out of their way to drink that stuff??  We’ll try not hold that against her.  We welcomed her to the National stage when she competed for California Strength at the 2016 National Meet where she took bronze overall as a -58kg lifter with 80/112/192, took silver in the Clean and Jerk, and cleaned an American Record attempt, narrowly missing the jerk!  Since then she has competed as a member of California Strength, where at the 2016 Caffeine and Kilos Invitational she took 3rd place overall, completing a 193kg competition PR total.  Here's a small example of this woman's relentless determination... Jordan gets up at the crack of dawn to coach all day, then manages to squeeze the California Strength Women’s Program in during the middle of the day, usually training by herself.  Even still, she continues to stack kilos onto her total as a -63kg lifter.  We look forward to seeing her on the platform at the American Open in December, where she will play a key role in leading the California Strength Women’s team to another podium finish!

“My goals are written on a piece of paper on the fridge. When I have a goal I am pretty determined to achieve it.”
— Jordan Weichers

To learn more about Jordan, please check out the interview below!  She’s also a great resource for anyone who participates in the California Strength Women's Program on TrainHeroic, where you can join her by clicking HERE!  

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What’s your athletic background?

In high school I competed in track, soccer, and basketball. I was probably the best at track, having competed at state in sprinting. I tried going out for cross-country one year. Let’s just say that didn’t go so well.

I dipped my toes into CrossFit during the summers of my junior and senior year of high school. The competitive atmosphere gave me a constant drive to get better and become well rounded. After I recovered from two shoulder surgeries during my first year of college, I started taking CrossFit more seriously.

How and when did you get started in Weightlifting?

In the summer of 2014 I did a local weightlifting meet at my CrossFit gym. I needed experience in competing so I would become a better CrossFit competitor. One of the judges told me that there was a meet called the American Open that I would qualify for if I cut down a weight class. So that’s what I did in October. I was still doing CrossFit until games season in 2015. I had to choose between doing USA Weightlifting Nationals or going to the CrossFit Games on a team. I chose weightlifting and have been only training for weightlifting ever since.

Armand McCormick was my first coach. First he coached me in CrossFit, then in Weightlifting. He sacrificed a lot to build me into an athlete and still supports me in life today. I will always love the McCormicks and everyone at The Gym, CrossFit Kilo in Iowa!

Favorite female lifter?

My grandma can clean and jerk pretty well. I love watching her lift. Her athleticism is amazing! She goes to CrossFit Kilo every week and trains in weightlifting and CrossFit when my mom personal trains her.

How did you first hear about California Strength? What was your first impression?

I made an Instagram account in 2015 to post about my lifting and Armand McCormick told me to tag California Strength in one of my first lifting videos. I said, “What’s that?” and he said, “A really good weightlifting team!”... A year later, I met Jason Starks and Tim Trahan in the airport on my way to the Senior Trials in February to Philly. Meeting them was my first true impression of California Strength. They are really awesome people, so I figured California Strength must be awesome too.

How did you become a part of California Strength?

After the trials, Tim and Jason talked to Dave about bringing me onto the team. It ended up working out! I am so happy that I am with California Strength. It has been a great decision for me. I am excited to see what the future brings.

Favorite Cal Strength lifter, past or present?

I like all of the lifters at California Strength but Wes Kitts is probably my favorite to watch. He is really strong. And we both like country music.

What do you think of the California Strength Women's Program on TrainHeroic? 

The women’s programming is really fun for me. There were exercises that I had never done before such as working from blocks, different positions in the hangs, etc. I like how each week is building from the previous week. I also like how each cycle has a specific goal.

When I first started about 6 months ago, I was snatching about 8kg less than I am now and clean and jerking about 7kg less than I am now. My back squat was 7kg less and my deadlift was 20kg less.

What is your training environment like?

Usually the environment is however I create it since it’s usually just me training in the gym. I play loud music, either rap or country. Sometimes there might be 1 or 2 other people, which makes it more fun. It depends if I can recruit anybody to come lift with me at the gym! I train mid-morning though and that’s when a lot of people are busy, but that’s my down time.

What's a typical training day like? 

I wake up at 4am, make breakfast, and go to work to coach for the morning. Then I have a break and train from about 10am until 12pm. Then I coach again for just a little bit longer. Sometimes I go back in the evening for personal training clients. It just depends on the day.

For recovery I usually go to Airrosti after work at least once a week to get soft tissue work done. I do ROMWOD every day for stretching. After dinner I foam roll while watching tv. Sometimes I read instead. I’m always in bed by 8pm. I know, I’m old. ;)

Explain what it's like to train away from your team. 

Training away from them is just a normal day I guess. I just try to focus on getting better technique and trying to do better than last week on any given movement. It’s nice to have Jason Starks only about an hour away from me. I get to train with him at least a few times per month!

What is it like when you are able to train/compete with your team?

Training with the California Strength team is the best. They create a competitive environment and electric atmosphere. Everyone is so supporting of each other.

Favorite exercise and why?

Hmmm… Clean. But not jerk haha.

Give me three things you would say to a female that is just starting in the sport of Olympic weightlifting?

Be confident

Listen to your coach

Work hard and don’t quit

Thank you Jordan for your continued commitment!