5 Plain and Simple Reasons Why Women Should NOT Lift Weights

By Nicole "Littlest" Lim

1.  Get ready for big bones.
That's right ladies. We've all heard the excuse, "I'm not fat, I'm big boned". Guess what? Studies show that resistance training will increase your bone density. Fortunately, increased bone density will help you become more resistant to developing osteoporosis and other bone diseases, something that women are prone to especially with age.

2. You'll get bulky.
To accompany those mammoth bones, weightlifting will increase muscle mass and connective tissue integrity. You might see the number on the scale stay the same or possibly go up as your body composition changes.  That new muscle is heavy, heavier than the fat you've just shredded.

3. Say goodbye to your flattering, expensive wardrobe.
... And say hello to yoga pants and leggings! Your legs will look good, but they will never fit into designer jeans again. At least yoga pants are comfy and functional and totally date approved.. right?

4. Your new strength will have an influence over your other athletic endeavors.
With your new bulk - your speed, agility, and cardio may be affected. Finishing a CrossFit workout will be virtually impossible without your weightlifting skills shining through. Explosiveness, increased motor control and body awareness gained through weightlifting might surprise your CrossFit friends into pure shock.

5. No one wants to date a strong woman.
Let's face it. As soon as he sees you carrying all of your groceries in one trip, he is outta there. Men might be intimidated by your strength as fear that we might overshadow their awesome bro sessions and chest bumping sets in.

The list could go on. So ladies, think long and hard about weightlifting before you drink the cool aid. Then get ready to keep fighting adversity.

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