What's In Your Gym Bag?

We are often asked to try out and review several products during training. Over the years, we’ve picked out our favorites and tend to lean towards the same products, even as a team. Below are some of the key items that most of us carry in our gym bags to help us get through training sessions and competitions. P.S. None of the companies below asked me to mention them nor am I getting paid to write about them.

The Meat And Potatoes

Weightlifting Shoes: Almost our entire team trains and competes in Nike Romeleos. Most of us prefer the Romeleo II over the III for the stability and durability of the shoe.

Nicole Squat

Weightlifting Belts: The Schiek Nylon 3004 tapered weightlifting belt has recently become a favorite on our team, mostly for it’s double closure. It also has a firm back support which we all like.

Knee Sleeves vs. Knee Wraps: If you prefer knee sleeves, Rehband all the way. I recently started using Rehband and my knees have never been happier. If you prefer knee wraps, go with Strong Strong Supply. The good thing about wraps is the flexibility to adjust them to your exact comfort.

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Weightlifting Thumb Tape: Lift Genie. I personally prefer Lift Genie because it’s super sticky and comfortable BUT it doesn’t leave residue or take off my nail polish. So girly, I know.

Weightlifting Straps: Most of the guys still use Cal Strength OG weightlifting straps and are doing their best to make them last. Since Cal Strength has stopped producing the OG straps, I started using Onyx leather straps. They are super comfortable and last a long time. Rumor is Cal Strength has brand new Weightlifting Straps 2.0 in the works! Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know when they arrive.

Pre-Workout: My go to is CytoSport's Fast Twitch, either the Ready To Drink bottle or powder. It's NSF Certified For Sport, meaning that it's guaranteed to be free of banned substances.

Intra-Workout: I keep a CytoSport CytoMax RTD (Ready To Drink) bottle on me at all times. I sip on this throughout my training session to stay hydrated. Also there's nothing better for post-weigh in at weightlifting competitions.

Post Workout Recovery Shake: I make a shake with CytoSport's Whey Isolate, which is just pure whey. Right before I go to bed I drink CytoSport's Sleeping Giant Casein Protein. It has Melatonin and Tryptophan that knocks me out instantly "ZZZ" plus it tastes amazing, can't say that about any other Casein protein I've tried over the years.

Other Random Things