American Open Series I - Reno, NV

The first meet in the American Open Series (Reno, NV) was a great competition for our team! With exception of a few technical issues on the first day, this meet was run very well and held in a nice, organized venue that was appealing for both spectators and athletes alike. What I liked most about this competition was that there was National level competition but that lifters of all experience levels were participating and were able to get a feel for what it’s like to compete on the big stage. California Strength was able to haul home some hardware and we will definitely be encouraging all of our gym members to compete in the western series again next year.

Sandra Arechaederra 53kg

Snatch 51x/51x/51, Clean & Jerk 62/65x/65, Total 116

This was Sandra’s first National level competition in almost three years! She brought home gold across the board in the Masters 50-54 age group. It was really nice for our masters lifters to be recognized at this competition.

Allison Almaraz 53kg

Snatch 52/55/58, Clean & Jerk 63/66x/66, Total 124

This was Ali’s first National level competition. She crushed it with a competition PR in the Snatch and performed well in C&J after recently switching to the squat jerk. She took 12th out of 20 senior lifters in a super stacked weight class.

Nicole Lim 48kg

Snatch 60/63x/64x, Clean & Jerk 76/79/84, Total 144

I was able to squeak out bronze in the Snatch, silver in the Clean & Jerk, and a bronze total after a couple rough weeks of training. It was really fun to compete for a spot on the podium!

Stephen Ngo 69kg

Snatch 112x/115/118, Clean & Jerk 140/145x/145x, Total 258

Stephen took home gold in the Snatch, silver in the Clean & Jerk, and a silver Total. It was an exciting battle between him and our friend Alvin from Marin Heavy Athletics.

Chadwick Horsager 85kg

Snatch 113/117/121x, Clean & Jerk 140/145x/145, Total 262

This was Chaddy’s first National level competition also! He was contending for a couple spots on the podium and ended up 4th overall.

Jaden Washington 85kg

Snatch 115/120/125x, Clean & Jerk 150/155x/157, Total 277

This was Jaden’s first competition since representing Team USA at Youth Worlds in October of last year. He has been following a rehab protocol for a back injury that brought him back stronger and more technically sound than I’ve ever seen him. He took gold across the board as a junior lifter and also bronze in the Snatch, gold in the C&J and silver overall.

Paige Vanlint 75kg

Snatch 75x/75/78, Clean & Jerk 95/95/95x, Total 173

I had the pleasure of coaching and counting for Paige during her session. Our goal was to hit the qualifying total for the American Open finals. She came up a little short after a couple of brain farts in the Clean. She’s capable of hitting the required total in comp any day so I’m confident that she will qualify in time. She finished 5th out of 18 senior lifters.

photo by lifting life

photo by lifting life

David Mckellar 94kg

Snatch 125/130/135, Clean & Jerk 155/165/170, Total 305

David had a breakout performance, going 6 for 6 with competition PR's in both lifts and qualifying for senior nationals in the process. He finished 5th out of 32 senior lifters.

Robert Blackwell 94kg

Snatch 150/150x/160, Clean & Jerk 175/182/186x, Total 332

Rob trained through this competition and used it as a tune up meet for Nationals. 186kg was a close lifetime PR attempt. He took home silver medals all around.

Kaleo Cornwell 105+kg

Snatch 95/102x/102, Clean & Jerk 125/132x/132x, Total 227

Kaleo has been a busy man! He recently opened his own club called Standard Strength in Campbell, CA. This was Kaleo’s first National level comp and after a long weekend of helping Dave coach, he was able to take home gold in the Master’s 40-44 division.

It was an awesome weekend overall for the California Strength Team and our online program members! Time to grind towards Nationals in Chicago!!!

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